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“From heaven with a S H O U T - !”

by B.C. Debbicot

"From heaven with a SHOUT-!" is a new passion play which contains some very moving songs which were composed by a highly talented fourteen year old musical prodigy.

The play is presented, not as a religious outreach but as a piece of very entertaining theatre with the centurion ANTONIUS attempting to ensnare the lovely MARY MAGDALENE with his latin charms and Judas agonising about the reason for his being born.

Pilate challenges the audience to take the responsibility for the death of the crucified prisoner and for the fate of all those living two thousand years into the future of his world.

“From heaven with a SHOUT!” is being showcased in 2007 at

The Lewisham Irish Community Centre
2a Davenport Road
London SE6 2AZ

For details, contact: