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DEBBICOT Theatre Productions

DEBBICOT Theatre Productions is an emerging community theatre taking high quality, thought-provoking drama into churches, schools, colleges, homes for the disabled and elderly and into fringe theatres.

It was conceived as an enthralled child listened to the stories of her mother’s childhood in the Ireland of long ago when leprechauns really did haunt the emerald fields and one was actually spotted cutting a head of cabbage from the lovingly tended vegetable patch at The Cottage, Debbicot, Mountmellick, Co. Laois by the author’s maternal grandfather on his way home from a hard night’s work at the Brewery. He swore that ‘not a drop had passed his lips’ (and who was man enough to call his bluff?)

A sprawling council estate now covers the lush fields where chickens once scratched for succulent worms and pregnant girls ended their lives in the deep waters of the canal but DEBBICOT Theatre Productions has risen, like a phoenix as a tribute to the land of the eternal leprechaun where dreams never die.

Mission Statement

‘To light our penny candles from the stars’.

Presentation - "Joanne"

To celebrate the launch of the theatre, we are presenting “JOANNE” which is the story of a teenager’s cry for love and understanding and of her struggle to come to terms with life after having been raped and undergoing an abortion at the age of twelve.

It also illustrates the very real danger in today’s social climate of a grandfather becoming the father of his own grandchild and has been assessed as ‘a play for today’.

Although essentially a drama, the play is liberally sprinkled with black comedy. Click here for full synopsis.


”Joanne” will be showcased at:

The Lewisham Irish Community Centre 2a, Davenport Road
Lewisham, SE6 2AZ.

Contact us

Please address all enquiries to the Secretary by email: