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by B.C. Debbicot

“Joanne” is a new three-act drama about a teenager and her struggle to come to terms with life after having been raped by her mother’s boy-friend and having an abortion at the age of twelve. The trauma had caused her to spend time in a psychiatric ward, an experience from which she has never fully recovered.

At comprehensive school, she had developed a crush on Arthur Todd, her widowed Religious Education teacher who had singled Joanne out for special attention which had caused jealousy amongst her peers.

Now, at sixteen and pregnant again by an alleged unknown rapist who had struck as Joanne was on her way home from a party and for whom the police are searching, she is living as an unwelcome guest at the home of single parent, Maud Benson, her boy-friend’s mother.

Maud would dearly love to throw Joanne out but is afraid of losing her son, Norman in the process. Maud has set her cap at the long-suffering Arthur, who is now in training as a home missionary with his sights firmly set on the mission fields abroad. As a trainee missionary Arthur is a frequent visitor to Maud’s house which gives him continued contact with Joanne and also gives rise to Maud’s suspicions about his interest in the girl.

Norman, who is unemployed, gives his meagre dole money to his mother to help with Joanne’s keep but this doesn’t prevent Maud from having to go out to work in order to make ends meet, a fact which adds to her hostility towards Joanne. Norman and his mother have an uneasy relationship although there is an unmistakable bond between them. Although essentially a drama the play is liberally sprinkled with black comedy.

Following the showcasing of “Joanne” as a public performance at:

The Lewisham Irish Centre
2a Davenport Road

”Joanne” will be ready to accept school bookings.

Contact for details.