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“MAG’S Rags”

(a comedy) by B.C. Debbicot

Second hand shop, ‘Charity’ is in danger of closing down in anticipation of a visit from the ‘Phantom Gun-Man’ who has targeted all the shops of its kind in the area which has resulted in their closure. Mr.Stanley, the previous manager, arrives from Head Office to defend his favourite shop and reclaim his job from Margaret, the present manageress.

Margaret, however, is very firmly entrenched. The throne is hers and she is fiercely determined that Mr.Stanley, her arch-enemy will be taught a lesson and sent scuttling back to his office job. Cyril arrives and appears to be ‘casing the joint’ while the Reverend Thomas Blessed innocently blunders his way through a permanent mental haze. Wobbly Wheels breezes in on his trusty metal steed and takes control while Sybil Dibble sets out to capture his heart.

Margaret finally conquers her oppressor and holds fast to her dreams when Mr.Stanley learns, the hard way to eat humble pie. The Reverend Thomas Blessed prepares to join his Bishop in the flames down below, Sybil Dibble gets all her own way and the ‘Phantom Gun Man’ is finally unmasked.

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